Financial literacy of youngsters: Manage your money




The idea to prepare the project "Financial Literacy of Youngsters: Manage your Money" (FLY) came from the members of the youth group called "Baráčníci" that meet at your Youth Centre in Vratimov (Czech Republic). They stated that financial literacy gets almost no attention within formal education and they feel this is their handicap. We prepared a short questionnaire and distributed it to the members´ peers. We obtained 24 answers that verified the need for better education in financial literacy as 38% respondents stated that they cannot manage their money well and other 33% stated they actually did not know whether they are good managers of their own money. 

Dům dětí a mládeže 


Dům dětí a mládeže Vratimov je školské zařízení zájmového vzdělávání. Posláním DDM je naplňování zájmů a potřeb dětí, žáků, studentů a dalších zájemců v jejich volném čase.

Centrum voľného času 

Stará Ľubovňa

Centrum voľného času v Starej Ľubovni vzniklo v roku 1997 prechodom úloh a povinností z Domu detí a mládeže. Cieľom zariadenia je aktívne pôsobenie na deti, mládež a ich rodičov v oblasti voľnočasových aktivít. 

Ochotnicze hufce pracy

Komenda główna

OHP stwarzają młodzieży warunki do prawidłowego rozwoju społecznego i zawodowego, w tym szczególnie młodzieży defaworyzowanej, dla której wsparcie polega na budowaniu, organizowaniu i wspieraniu form wychodzenia z ubóstwa, bezrobocia i środowisk dysfunkcjonalnych. 


Bartošovice "Bartošovice Castle - The Heart of the Region Poodří". This is a real castle nowadays used for exhibitions, seat of local authorities and hotel. In June 2010 the hotel was classified as HOSTEL, class 1*superior. 

Vratimov was founded during the colonization of the Těšín region in the second half of the 13th century. The surroundings are flat or hillside with its lowest point at the banks of the Ostravice river (236 m). The character of the town changed considerably through the centuries. The town emblem demonstrates it well - it bears a plough as a reminder of the oldest tradition - agriculture, further it bears a cogwheel and a role of paper that represent the wood pulp, paper and metallurgical production.

The Youth Centre Vratimov (DDM Vratimov) offers around 100 leisure time activities for children and youngsters from 1 year of age up to 18 years of age, but we mainly focus on school children. We offer a wide range of creative and crafting courses, sports, environmental and science clubs, media and pc courses, digital photography, baby club ... you name it. We also organize various events, weekend stays and summer camps for children. Our aim is to offer quality afterschool activities using non-formal education methods.

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